• zeitgeist
    the essence of permanence
  • With theidea of time comes the notion of past, present and future. However, the past and the future are astangible as the idea of time itself. Past memories fade, the present is constantly eluding us and the futureis uncertain. To deal with the idea oftime in a philosophic means, initially I recalled theories from William S. Burroughsdelving into the idea of “cut-ups”. Heasks: if reality can be recorded then why couldn’t it be manipulated in thesame fashion as video or audio?

    Theoreticalinspiration for this came from various sources such as HG Well’s novel “TheTime Machine”, numerous articles on time magick and quantum physics and lastlyalchemical symbolism. Quite a fewartists have been a huge inspiration as well. Paul Romano’s work has alwaysbeen a motivator in terms of the conceptual end matching the overallpresentation of the work. The reason Ibring up this work is because in addition to being a perpetual motivator, hehas inspired me to look at my process in a different and more complex way. I find myself pushing harder than ever beforeto complete an image and create a finalized work. The work I’ve been doing asof late employs a variety of techniques including a mixture of digital andtraditional mediums and adding alternative process to the concoction as well. Theseimages are no exception to this idea. Each of these will be mounted to a 10-inch square board and embellishedwith the included border in gold. Unfortunately, this part is not completed yet, but I will be finishingin the near future for inclusion in an exhibition.