forget me identity

  • Forget Me Series
    Collateral Materials

    Forget Me captures the slow desolation and quiet beauty of rural structures once thriving and full of purpose, now crumbling and worthless. The high contrast, dark photographs document the briefest momentA series of dilapidated, deteriorating buildings around my parents' house captured in black and white with a 35mm SLR film camera. This project might be considered a form of photojournalism or loose portraiture. Quite sad, but beautiful all the same.
  • forget me wordmark, grayscale. 2012.
  • forget me wordmark, black and pink. 2012.
  • forget me wordmark, pink. 2012.
  • forget me invitational postcard, 4x6. 2012.
  • forget me informational poster, 11x17. 2012.