Zrno po zrno (Grain by Grain)

  • Zrno po zrno
    Grain by Grain

  • Zrno po zrno is collection of b&w typographic posters, in cyrillic alphabet, on the subject of Serbian folk proverbs. All 10 A3 posters are gathered in a catalogue. 
    The meaning of the chosen proverbs dictated the design of typography on every poster apiece.
    This is my final exam project on Faculty of art and design. 
  • Zrno po zrno catalogue cover.
  • Laser perforated lettering on the cover of Zrno po zrno.
  •  Ako cu krivo, ne mogu od Boga, ako cu pravo, ne mogu od bega (I can't go crooked way because of God, I can't go right way because of lord)
  •  Ni djavo nije onako crn, kako ljudi govore (Even the devil isn't as dark as he is said to be)
  •  Krpi rupu dok je manja (Patch the hole while it's smaller)
  •  Dje je tanko, ondje se i kida (It breaks where it's thin)
  • Tanko  (Thin)
  •  100 ljudi, 100 cudi (100 people, 100 tempers)
  •  Kad celjad nisu bijesna, kuca nije tijesna (If dwellers aren't angry, home isn't scanty)