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  • T Ö M É N Y  G R A F I K A  |  M A G A Z I N E

    During this school project we had to create a magazine from scratch, discovering graphic design and its boundaries. It's title is an acronym from the Hungarian word "tömény" (concentrated) and "grafika" (graphics). With my classmates we collected, curated and translated articles and in the end everyone had to design, edit and print their own version of the magazine. This was my first attempt to creatively use transparent paper and alternative layouts.

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    V I S U A L  E S S A Y  |  W A T E R

    If you could pull all the water in the ocean, the atmosphere, and on top of or beneath the surface of Earth into a ball,
    it would measure only about 1500 kilometers in diameter. By comparison, the moon is 3475 kilometers in diameter.
    Of that amount, only about 3 percent if freshwater, and of that only about one-third is in a form
    or a location that is easily accessible to humans.

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    Special thanks to:
    Ferenc Barka & Márton Juhász