[Branding] YAGODA Corporate Identity

  • YAGODA    logo&style
    Living complex identity developing.
  • This project could'v been called something like "BRING ON THE COLORS!",  but Katherine Gnasko and Taras Bondarenko, who made naming for this project had some better idea - YAGODA. Translating for international users - in ukrainian Yagoda is a juicy berry, and the idea of whole living complex was to sell nice apartments near Kyiv (that's Ukraines capitol) for a veeery low price, and that's a very juicy proposition, don't you think? =) 

    Anyway, complex got it's name, and i started sketching. 

    It always starts with bad ideas for me. In this sketches i needed to show, that living in this complex really saves your money, so i used pie diagrams. 
  • After some thinking client chooses us a winner. Yep, here it is! 

    We thought of splitting logo into 3 directions - one was about fresh air (complex is situated in woods), second about a berry itself (to show all the "juice"), ant third - a pie diagram (to show financial pros). You can see the result below.
  • Finally, after our client saw that berry logo, he wanted it! So i started working on it, but shortly i got married and went to my honeymoon. While i was gone, my co-worker Sergiy was kinda working on this logo, and after i got back this is what i saw.
  • After some thinking and fixing, we got two versions of that logo - simple and complicated for different uses.
  • Than i started to work on a brandbook. Here is a bunch of visuals that are going to consume some of yours traffic.

  • This is pretty much it. Hope you enjoyed viewing this project, and sorry for that bunch of content and your's traffic =)