Visual Identity for National Museum of Indian Cinema

  • National Museum of Indian Cinema
    Visual Identity
  • The Government of India has envisaged to establish a “National Museum of Indian Cinema” in Films Division Complex, Mumbai - first ever of its kind in Asian region with a view to give impetus to the movement of showcasing the history of Indian Cinema and its global impact. Seeing the current scenario it becomes very important that it’s important to emphasize on creating a museum that is engaging, interesting and educative at the same time. To give a new face to museums in India, they need something as to look up to, as benchmark. Creating a visual identity that would define the overall visual language of the museum is very important. It would create an organized perception and would certainly generate interest.
  • The identity I developed for this project was focused to bring out the character of the organisation. The identity is based on the hand gesture used by film technicians to create a frame. The reason for selecting hand gesture as the symbol is its strong associations to the keywords that define the institution as a whole. The stance of the gesture is suggestive to the stance of a director calling a shot or even visualizing it, which forms the basis of cinema in its making. The stance also creates a frame, which in turn enables the viewer to see what is happening in this frame. The hands together form the association to cinema hall and the screen where it all sums up to.
  • The documentation for the project is uploaded as a *.pdf on, for further reference. It includes the research and process followed in the design of the identity.