VSX Package Design

  • VSX Sexy Sport
    Reusable package design concept
  • A team project focused on creating a package design collection for VSX Sexy Sport. The team was made up of two industrial design juniors (Bo and Dustin) and a graphic designer (me!)

    We decided on the following goals for the project:
    1. On brand - create packaging that looks sporty and energetic while staying sexy and feminine.
    2. Cost effective - attention to materials, space consumption, complexity, etc.
    3. Environmentally friendly - package designs that can be reusable and fit into the target's sporty lifestyle.
    4. Sweet looking design - packaging that a woman would want to be seen with when she carries it out of the store.

  • Gift Card Box
    By popping out a slot in the box, it can be reused as an iPod or iPhone holder to fit into any standard cup holder in an exercise machine or car.
  • Process
    Behind the Scenes on the VSX Package Design Project

    It started with research, research, research: we learned about the brand, the competition, the target audience and their daily lives, current trends in color and design, reusability in package design, environmentally friendly materials, package design storage and construction, etc.

    Then we went to the drawing board.
  • (above) Bo and Chavilah wearing gloves to keep fingerprints off the package mock-ups.

  • Sketches
    A sample of sketches created by Bo, Dustin and I during team brainstorm sessions.
  • An exploration of color and pattern.
    We wanted a design that tied back to Victoria's Secret, positioning VSX as a more luxurious and sexy brand for women than other sportswear competition.

    We started with traditional stripe, ribbon and polka-dot inspired patterns that eventually evolved into a more energetic, asymmetrical final design. The curves of the pattern and the final pink and black color pallet showcase a perfect combination of sexy/feminine and energetic/powerful - which is exactly how we want the customer to feel when they buy from VSX!
    (Pattern and pallets by Chavilah)

  • Mock-up Concepts
    Samples of some of the preliminary sketches we mocked-up.
  • Patterns Applied
    Testing out the patterns on the second round of mock-ups.

  • Final Bag Wireframe
  •  Final Presentation
  • (R-L Dustin Horne, Chavilah Bennett and Bounthavy Soundara) Presenting our final concepts to a board from the creative team at Victoria's Secret, Columbus headquarters, for the VSX Package Design competition.