Typographic Circle Supplement

  • Typographic Circle
    Supplement for Circular magazine
    The brief was to design a series of supplements focusing on three different designers who have previously given talks for the Typographic Circle; the Circle is a UK based group with a specialist interest in type and typography. After researching into the Typographic Circle it became clear that it was a very welcoming organisation, open to anyone with an interest in type and therefore the design should be engaging, informative and receptive to the audience that they attract.
    The three designers I choose to feature included: Morag Myerscough, Rian Hughes and Graham Fink. I felt it was also important to produce a system which could be run out across all of their potential speakers new and old, rather than producing bespoke issues specific to the artist. That is why I also included a flat plan/specification document for the supplement. 
  • Rian Hughes
  • The pull quote in red is also the caption found on the poster wrap.
  • Thank you for taking a look!