• Trust Me Poster
    A reaction to shady banking in the US
  • It’s old news that the United States is in troubled economical times. The value of the dollar is down, debt is at an all time high, and bankruptcy is around every corner. I have personally experienced economical backlash through cut hours and uncertain employment. Thankfully, I don’t have a mortgage (it is a great time to rent). I’m the first to admit that I’m no genius when it comes to the economy, yet much like an ass, I have an opinion.

  • This print is a reaction to the handling of our nations money on all levels. The Peoples’ trust was betrayed. Short selling and 50 year mortgages are just a few of the financial loopholes exploited by accountants, lenders, brokers, and creditors.

    The phrase on the top is written in our chosen political and financial vernacular, Latin. Meant to sound official and even mysteriously intimidating, the phrases literally translates to, “Hell calls to Hell” or “One Hell summons another” One bad deed leads to another.

    The phrase at the bottom is most commonly the precursor to some sort of dubious or calamitous action. Meant to be reassuring, but often causing more unrest to the recipient.

    The government’s response to the money problem is ironically more money. Spend more, print more. And that’s exactly what I did, print more. Trust me, I do this all the time.

    A limited edition of 20 posters were screen-printed by hand.