Three Dog Bakery: Branding

  • This was the Second assignment given to me in my junior year of college in my Graphic Design Concepts course at CCAD. The objective for this assignment was to redesign an existing logo and brand identity system for a small business. I choose to redesign their logo, aprons, gift cards, business cards, website, and packaging. I had never taken on a rebranding project before this one, but I am very happy I did. As a huge dog lover and fan of Three Dog Bakery, I had a lot of fun with this project, and I am pleased with the results.
    Three Dog Bakery was founded in 1989 as the first dog bakery. They started out using 100% allnatural human-quality ingredients and no refined sugars. For a lot of people this was crazy but what was crazy then, is right now. Three Dog Bakery gave pet owners another option for feeding their pets. Even though Three Dog Bakery is a franchise, it is a small franchise that needs help with branding.There store is an inviting and exciting place for pets and the people that treasure them. They are very open to have dogs come into the shop to pick out their own treats. As you can see I tried to capture a lot of the warm, inviting and fun charm of Three Dog Bakery.

  • Final Three Dog Bakery Logo
  • Character Development
  • Final Website
  • Apron Design
  • Gift Card (Would be made of card board)
  • Gift Card Packaging
  • Pastry Box Seal Design
  • Pastry Box Template
  • Final Pastry Box
  • Final business card design