This is a short story about where art comes from

    This oil painting was created while working on academic project, year 2011,
     and is a part of paintings serie dedicated to children.
    While painting this picture I decided to fix every step I took
     to make up a little story about where art comes from.
    Just to show what's going on behind the curtain of each art process
     I'm now comming up with this story. Hope you'll enjoy it! :)
  • All the big things come from little ideas, turned into sketches.
  •  But it’s just a little needle in a big haystack, because true art begins with the true chaos,
  • which looks like this…
  • And of course this pile of mess needs some efforts,
  • sometimes even more efforts than you supposed,
  • and time,
  • to get organised and turn from idea
  • into real art object.