Thesis Project: MacDougal Street Documentation

  • MacDougal Street Documentation
    Pratt Institute / Spring 2012
    defining the “authenticity” of MacDougal Street (Greenwich Village) through observation, analysis,
    and the development of perimeters and principles

    A street southwest of Washington Square Park and in the heart of “The Village,” MacDougal Street holds special qualities as a gathering spot for artists, writers, and the theater. There are little traces and hints throughout the street that show the history of bohemian culture. This preservation of the “past” gives the street its unique character and the locals pride and ownership. When well researched and understood by the graphic designer, these authentic values become marketable assets for promoting the locality and the culture, with a definite distinction from other merely “trendy” spots.

    I explored MacDougal Street around once a week for a couple months and documented all of my experiences, feelings, and impressions about the place. The following images are the pages from my notebook.