The happiness of a clown

  • Animation
    The Happiness of a Clown

    People are more important than the 7 wonders of the world.

    The greatest buildings of world are spectacular, but perhaps, friends and family are more important for a "happy", contented life.

    Target Audience
    • 18 -- 80 age.
    • General public.
    • To show the importance of love and happiness within a family.

    The intention of this project is to create a short 2D animation that shows the importance of "friends and family". I used Photoshop draw the layout and coloring my illustration, and animated it by flash; video editing by After Effect.

  •  Tired of the Circus,Tired of life,Mr. Bumpyhead decided to explore the seven wonders of the world.Then, he meets someone, he likes.
    Wherever you go...your family is always an important part of your life.
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