The Wasteland

  • The Wasteland
    An expressive mixed-media work
  • In this two-image project I have experimented with various tools and materials, as well as adopting an abstract-expressionist way of working. The two canvases are mounted to the wall by either stapling it directly onto the wall, or by using two-three large nails, allowing them to be suspended an inch or two out from the wall.

    The work itself was quick, where I used acrylic paint to form the background shades using no more than two-three colours while the canvas still lies flat on the ground, allowing paint to collect and become more opaque in certain areas. When the canvas is then mounted on the wall, thick oil pastel, charcoal and marker pens have been used to form the motif.

    The motif itself has not been planned in any way, but flows naturally onto the canvas. Initially there was no plan to reference the works to any concept or idea, but during this project The Wasteland by T.S Eliot has been central literature. I also found that upon completion of the project, that the emotion and general
    mood of the works were so tightly connected to that of the Wasteland. The only logical thing to do was to title the pieces accordingly.

    Much of the beauty of these images comes from the ability to connect them to a specified source, but also the possibility to have other connections and associations to them due to their richness of detail and symbolic form.

    Other strong influence has been that of Mark Rothko, Francis Bacon and norwegian jazz musician HÃ¥kon Kornstad.

    The titles are as folliws:

    1st picture: "Are you alive or not? Is there nothing in your head?"

    2nd picture: "There is a shadow under this red rock (come in under the shadow of this red rock)"

    3rd picture is a detail shot of the second.