The Vonnegut Collection

  • The Vonnegut Collection
    Book Covers
  • This series of book jackets features six (6) of Kurt Vonnegut's science fiction war novels. The designs are reflective of his bizarre and fantastic writing style in his chaotic, random, and irrational universes he creates.
    Books designs include:
    Slaughterhouse 5
    Cat's Cradle
    Breakfast of Champions
    Player Piano
    SH5 Special Edition featuring A Man Without A Country

    Although this is a series of books by the same author, they are not designed or intended for sale as a cohesive set. My goal was to highlight and depict the personality each plot emulates and communicates with the reader. While Vonnegut's style is crazy and open to much interpretation, these covers pull major themes from the books and illustrate them an a concise yet enticing way. 

    So it goes.