The Use of Semiotics to Communicate different

  • Snow White
  • Semiotics is the theory of signs and it shows how playing and creating images can also create different meaning and communicate different messages. This depends as well in your background, your culture and your knowledge about the general meaning that images could have.

    My intention with this project was to create 5 different versions of Snow White, a very well-known story that could be understood if the current images that we all know where replaced for others trying to communicate the same story but with different messages. With the use of different colors and the arrangement of the composition of the elements I have tried to create also different styles: horror, victorian style, etc.

    I have also used different techniques such a dry point, lino cut, stencils, graffiti, photography, illustration, etc.

    To see the whole stories please go to the link below:
  • The first image represents Snow White in the forest. It Represents our current days. A girl alone in the dark of a big city where big companies are conquering the streets with their signs because we are in a world move by money. The dogs represents the fear.

    the second image represents the situation where Snow White is with the seven dwarves, but in this case she is with her seven friends trying to steal from the shop where she was working.

    ** In this version of the Snow White story, the main character is a girl who works as a shop assistant until one day her manager decided to fire her because she caught 'Snow White' stealing things from the job. Snow White leaves the shop into the dark city looking for her 7 friends to take revenge of her manager. So the following day she went with her friends and break into the shop to get anything they could but she got caught again by the police and she got arrested. She could not be saved by her prince and the had to talk behind bars.

    Check the whole story below:
  • These 3 images above represent the same story but in this case I have used stencils for creating the graffitis and I have combined them with images for the to transmit the same message but with other images.

    1. The Queen with a normal mirror in the bathroom.
    2.  A lady suffering in the forest, trying to represent how scary could be to be alone in the forest.
    3. A girl sleeping with a real apple bitten next to her.

    Check the link below to see the whole story:
  • In these 3 images above what I wanted to create was a horror style. Using and combining different techniques I wanted to transform the current sweet story into a dark-sinister one.
  • I have created these illustrations trying to transmit the same story like if it was in another country with another culture. In the North Pole, where the animals are food. That's why the dramatical end.
  • Victorian Style... these 3 images where just a try from all my experimentation.