The Social Network

  •  "The Social Network" deals with the staging of banal / ordinary things on facebook and other social networks. The pictures are metaphorical photographic illustrations that should give a humorous view on the social network language. The protagonists turn into actors, and transform to a designed image just as their profile on facebook is nothing but a designed image lacking the possibility to look each other in the eye.
  •  "only some friends see you"
  • "joining a group"
  •  "changed relationship status.
    ...commented on that."
  •  "tagging someone in a picture."
  •  "...reached a new highscore in mafia wars."
  •  "people you may know"
  •  "being a fan of..."
  •  "ask a question. add poll options."
  • Credits:
    Creative Concept / Production / Post Production: Nicolas Ritter
    Art Direction: Nicolas Ritter & Robin Klußmann
    Costumes / Makeup: Irina Hefner & Fabienne Kortmann

    Agnes Meyer Wilmes, Albrecht Ritter, Alexander Mitschele, Alina Zara, Chanty Wunder, Florian Ridder, Henny Steffens, Jan Motyka, Jens Anderswo, Jessy Theiß, Joshua Hefner Julia Kretschmer, Karola, Marcel Hartmann, Nicola Kraemer, Pascal Breitenbach, Paulo Gabrian, Paul Wuen, Robert Hertel, Robin Klußmann, Svantje Fenz, Swantje Ganecki, Timo Vossberg, Young Eun Park

    Shaloucee the dog.

    Special Thanks to: Prof. Eike König, Gabriele Schnaudigel, Otto-Ernst Schnaudigel, Timo Wagner, Timos Dad, Swantje Ganecki, Ben Duffner