The Kraken Rum Redesign

  • The Kraken Rum Redesign
    This project is from my package design 3 class, where we were asked to make up or redesign an alcohol packaging. I have chosen to conceptually redesign The Kraken Rum as a good challenge, and to re-imagine the mythical sea beast. My goal was to preserve the brand identity and to create something new through the integration of stylized typography and my re-interpretation of Steven Noble's inspiring illustration. I kept their original logo with a little changes, and the existing creative bottle to keep the product's unique identity.

    My design objectives were: 1) To transform the Kraken illustration into a unique alcohol label incorporated with the logo and type. 2) Create more connection of the design into the creative bottle through a rubdown/color transfer technique. 3) Establish a system of different new products such as the premium white rum, clear box, flask, and mini bottles, to reflect the design diversity and consistency of the story. Lastly, I've attempted to create a sculpture to fully unleash the Kraken! ;)