The Importance of Paper in Chinese Practices / The Book

  • The Importance of Paper in Chinese Practices
    The Book
  • The idea behind the book is to educate the audience of what the paper offerings craft is about. I begin by explaining what the paper offerings are used for and then I go on to explain how the craft is made. I want this to be a interesting visual experience rather than a book full of words. I have a great amount of illustrations to give the audience an idea of how the craft is made step by step.

    The Paper Offering craft is slowly dying out in Singapore. There are too many cultures dying in this fast paced world and my aim is to create an awareness and do my part to help it.

    What are Paper Offerings? There are many uses of paper, we scrawl, scribble, draw, paint, cut them up andwrap things with them. In Chinese practices, paper has been used for a much greater cause. Paper can turn into money or gold or even objects once it has been burnt as it is believed by the Taoists and is used to carry out filial duties and to pay respects to their great Ancestors. The items using the paper I mention above
    are Joss Paper and Paper Effigies. The craft behind these objects are amazing, it involves a lot of hard work and patience.