• The Hamster Chair

  • Celebrate cardboard
    is what I decided to do. But how do you do that? How do you make the cheapest, most charm-free, kind of smelly building material on the market look like a must-seat-chair?

    As all pet owners, my girlfriend and I talk to our pets too, her hamster Mojo (already gone), and Marshall, my beagle. Well, I was on the couch thinking of ways to celebrate cardboard but could clearly hear she talking to Mojo at the dinner table, and that’s when it hit me:

    Mojo. Cage. Wheel. Man. Modern life. Computer.
    And in the middle of it: wood chips
    That’s it, if Man can spend his day working as a hamster without ever moving, why don’t he act as one on his free time?

    I cut off a dishwasher box that was on it’s way to recycling as soon as I got this idea, and it was just perfect because of it’s rigidness and the fact that it once served to protect and carry an industrialized product and is now being part of another one, which shows just how proud one who sits on a chair made of cardboard should be.

    This is a chair for people not worried if they’re gonna get pieces of cardboard on their clothes, this is for people who want to get pieces of cardboard on their clothes, people who wanna show the world they just sat on a cardboard chair and they liked it, or maybe they didn’t, but did go through the experience of sitting on it.