The Coca-Cola Movement: Youth Empowering Platform

  • El Movimiento Coca-Cola
    Creating a Platform to Empower Youth
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  • Research
    The first part of research focused on the analysis of existing online communication tools used by youth (12-24 years old). This led to a motivation analysis to highlight the insights driving Internet usage, and definition of what Coca-Cola could offer in this emerging digital space to its fans and consumers. Final users defined entirely the web and gaming structure by card sorting workshops. Also focused on consumption analysis (share of stomach) preparing redemption forecast models for the different age groups’ consumption habits. This was integrated as the engine for the CRM-user knowledge tool that was later developed.
  • First Phases of Ideation
  • Ideation
    By creating and evolving an avatar throughout the online community and multiplayer games, the user could obtain higher social recognition (the key insight). Avatar creation and evolution was critical to differentiate among peers. Online multiplayer games offered individual and collective challenges to help build relationships among users (in fact, several couples met and got married). Online multiplayer games were downloaded and installed on the computer. The user experience between the web and the games was seamless and transparent to users (everything you did on the games was reflected on your web account and avatar). The link with the physical world was built by integrating all Coca-Cola promotions, sponsorship events, partners (i.e. Worldcup or Olympic Games) into the online platform to recognize Coca-Cola fans, but also through codes found on Coca-Cola bottles and cans.
  • More Efficient Proof of Purchase Validation System
    Coca-Cola needed to connect the physical and digital worlds through a type of coin to enhance social recognition and empower premium users with better experiences. This was the birth of “PinCodes”, unique codes found on every Coca-Cola product. PinCodes were worth a great value in prizes, so they were securely and massively produced at a specialized vendor. When redeemed by web or text messages, the system recognized the Coca-Cola format they came from and provided a different number of credits to the user account and could only be used once. This marketing tool led brand managers to change the value of codes for Coca-Cola formats with the click of a button impacting sales in real time. PinCodes were challenging in logistics as they were produced and sent to the different packaging suppliers that ink-jetted or laser-printed them, being sent to 15 bottling plants across the country. These suppliers and bottlers tuned their industrial processes to accommodate PinCodes in 3 months. Designing, developing and standardizing this complex process had great implications on security, stock, duplication and expiration control, syncing with the online platform where consumers redeemed codes in real-time. More than 100 million codes were redeemed by 1.5 Coca-Cola consumers in Spain, exporting to other countries being a worldwide standard today.
  • Defining the System and Key Stakeholders
    A more refined project concept based on entertainment, marketing synergies, and advertising. The millions of visits were monetized through full screen superstitials from project partners as part of exchange for their investment in prizes (products and services worth 8 million Euros per year), and also from advertisers from media agencies or advertising networks. An innovative custom-made ad-server was developed, so advertising could be downloaded to user computers while they were playing (bandwidth was very reduced at this time with maximum 28.8bps modems).
  • Label Designs for the Different National Promotional Campaigns
  • Version 1.0 Design
  • Version 2.0 Design
  • Online Multiplayer Games
    These are some of the online multiplayer games integrated with the web-based community of Coca-Cola fans and consumers. The games covered different target groups and user needs based on identified insights; therefore some were coffee-break type while others could be played for hours offering more complex mechanics.
  • All games enhanced the communication among users through embedded instant messenger functionality (mood icons, special characters, etc). The avatar/character represented users both on the web and across the different games. Games required download and installation on PCs. Playing the games generated credits reflected on the users’ account that were redeemed for digital (i.e. exclusive customs for avatars) or physical Coca-Cola prizes from the partners’ catalogue. The online multiplayer games were developed on collaboration with BetyByte.
  • Future Vision (video length: 5:35 English)
    In 2005 we prepared this conceptual video with the collaboration of Zinkia Entertainment to show the opportunities that new technologies could bring to consumers and to Coca-Cola brand. I wanted to show other countries what we could accomplish working together on a common global project versus developing different local projects.
  • User Experience
    Proposal iCoke(video length: 3:56 English). Example of proposal prepared with the collaboration of BetyByte in 2005 for Coca-Cola global team based on “El Movimiento Coca-Cola” user experience. The concept was further known as “iCoke”. iCoke was a project to build a worldwide online community. It is a good video to see what the user experience was in EMCC: avatar, content channels, communication services, online multiplayer games, and prize catalogue from top brands based on PinCode redemption.
  • TV Ad / PlayStation EyeToy Official Launch (video length: 0:30 Spanish).
    The partnership with PlayStation offered exclusive product launches like the EyeToy accessory. EyeToys were obtained through online PinCode redemption. It was done in collaboration with BetyByte agency.
  • TV Campaign (video length: 0:30 Spanish)
    This TV Spot was part of the campaign to build brand awareness and traffic to the website. More than 150.000 users registered in just the first week to play the online games and start to collect under the cap codes to access the exclusive rewards from the top brands club loyalty program.
  • TV Ad / 3 new executions (video length: 0:30 Spanish)