The Beauty of Books

  • The Beauty of Books
    Re-designing 'Woman on the edge of time' by Marge Piercy
  • For the penultimate project of my first year at LSAD, we were given a Utopian or Dystopian book and asked to redesign the cover and inside pages as if it was part of a series.

    I produced a cover and inside pages for the feminist novel 'Woman on the edge of time' by Marge Piercy. The book is quite iconic due to its use of themes: gender, race and class. The story is quite complex, but overall has quite an angry and bitter tone due to it's underlying message that the main character, Connie, is unfairly treated by society because of who she is - a Mexican American Woman. 

    I kept the cover design simple and controlled, choosing to use typography complimented by a subtle symbol. I chose red to reflect on the anger and passion of the story instead of the obvious female associated colour (pink).