TEKO Magazine – captures the creativity and visual culture. Each issue exporters struggle and success of people following their dreams. Captures the moment we learn, fail and the things we love and live. We interview people which lives for the passion to create a world for better place.
    Printed and made in Denmark. Created by two TEKO Design + business VIA University College students.
    Janis Roznefleds art directed and Dan Krupskis writer.
  • ISSUE #1 – TEKO Magazine
    Do you ever find yourself coming to a realization that you have started taking the things you loved so much for granted? 
    TEKO magazine is a result of an independent student project with a purpose to tell the story of dedication, purpose and vision about the things we love and live for. The magazine is a collection of various inspirational and emotionally educational stories: consisting of 26 pages it delivers emotional experience of trial, struggle and success of people following their dreams:  the things they feel, the tools they use,  the dreams they see... because dreams come true.
  • Introducing:
    Stories: Exploring creativity with Julien Vallée / Challenge your beliefs with Magnus Lõppe / Storytelling with Eva / Where ideas are born with Carsten Bybjerg / Bringing ideas to life / F**k it Let’s go to New York with Justus Bruns / ...
  • TEKO magazine exhibition stand. A stand designed for local exhibition of physical copies for TEKO magazine at TEKO Design & Business, Birk Centerpark 5, 7400 Herning, Denmark.
  • Inspiration music for TEKO Magazine readers.
    Art Direction / Design : Janis Rozenfelds / @roziits
    Copywriter : Dan Krupskis
    Thank you for all the love and
    support you showed to Teko Magazine.

    Special thanks to:
    VIA University College / financing the project.
    Thank you for sharing amazing interviews and stories: 
    Eva-Maria Suviste
    Carsten Bybjerg
    Anne Dorthe Holmboe 
    Martin Neble
    and others
    which help us for the TEKO Magazine. 
    Thank You for Watching!