For those of you who shared, witnessed and wishes to be part of these moments...
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  • Do you ever find yourself coming to a realization that you have started taking the things you loved so much for granted? 
    TEKO magazine is a result of an independent student project with a purpose to tell the story of dedication, purpose and vision about the things we love and live for. The magazine is a collection of various inspirational and emotionally educational stories: consisting of 26 pages it delivers emotional experience of trial, struggle and success of people following their dreams:  the things they feel, the tools they use,  the dreams they see....
    Because dreams come true.

  • TEKO magazine exhibition stand. (In development)
    A stand designed to for local exhibition of physical copies for TEKO magazine.
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    Writer - Dan Krupskis
    Designer & Editer - Janis Rozenfelds
  • VIA UC, TEKO design&business
    Birk Centerpark 5
    7400 Herning, Denmark