Tatto the Girl

  • Tattoo The Girl
    Collaborative Project by Pau Bonet
  • Proyecto colaborativo creado por el illustrador Pau Bonet y la diseñadora Ingrid Pratmarsó en donde se invita a ilustradores y diseñadores a descargarse la ilustración de la chica protagonista, creada por el propio Pau, y "tatuarla" a su antojo.
    Este es el resultado de mi "Tattoothegirl".


    Collaborative project created by the illustrator Pau Bonet and the dinegner Ingrid Pratmarsó where illustrators and designers are invited to download the picture of the girl protagonist, created by Pau, and "tatto"  it as they prefer.

    This is the result of my "Tattoothegirl".

    My girl likes to suck, she becomes crazy about strawberry poles ... ummm .... she spend all her life on the beach and loves to wear her paste glasses even they are not graduated, cause they give a touch of modernits air that she is missing .... her sunscreen is factor 100, mattress type .... that´s why it's so white ....
    She loves being the center of attraction and she is in love with aquatic characters .... such is the story, she does not mind beeing hand gool by an octopus while she is
    listening to indie music and does topless .....

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