Take Away Porto - Poster

  •  Take Away Porto Poster

    - Collective Exhibition

  • The goal was to create a typographic approach in honor to Oporto for a new design shop based in this same city called "Take Away Porto", that promotes graphic design, product design,  gastronomy, literature and illustration from Portugal.

    The exhibition intended to reflect a different perspective from several designers and illustrators from different generations of designers from Oporto. The Porto exhibition inclueded 46 different proposals.

    My participation shows how my city has always inspired my work.
    My passion with the patterns was unconsciously born with the tiles on the city walls,
    and the typographic signage in the streets as well.
    This color choice was here to represent a new generation, and a way to re-think / remake  what the city offer to us, accentuating its past assets in a non-nostalgic way -  a reinterpretation from the past towards the future.

    It was an honor to particiapate, side by side, with some of the best designers/ illustrators in the country.


    The Other names includes: Ana Menezes, Ana Raposo, André da Loba, António Cruz, António Queirós, Catarina Silva, Daniel Brandão, Dino dos Santos, Elias Marques, Francisca Sotto, Francisco Providência, Helena Sofia Silva, Horácio Marques, Humberto Nelson, João Castro, João Faria, João Lemos, João Machado, João Nunes, Júlio Dolbeth, Luís Mendonça, Luísa do Vale, Luísa Beato, Nuno Fontes, Manuel Cruz, Margarida Azevedo, Maria João Barbosa, Mariana Rio, Marlene Couceiro, Marta Madureira, Mary-Go-Round, Menina Design, Pedro Amado, Pedro Lopes, Pedro Serapicos, R2, Rui Costa, Rui Guimarães, Rui Mendonça, Rui Vitorino Santos, Susana Barreto, Susana Fernando, Telmo Sá, Teresa Serôdio, Tiago Campeã, Vítor Quelhas.

  •          Photo by Take Away Porto