TEDxUofM 2011 Identity

  • TEDxUofM is a university-wide initiative to galvanize the community for an event like no other; filled with inspiration, discovery, and excitement. Borrowing the template from the world-renowned TED conference, TEDxUofM aims to bring a TED-like experience to the University of Michigan. Our vision is to showcase the most fascinating thinkers and doers, the “leaders and best” in Michigan terms, for a stimulating day of presentations, discussions, entertainment, and art that will spark new ideas and opportunities across all disciplines.
  • The identity of the event needed to be simple and modern, yet sophisticated and elegant. This idea was achieved through the use of architectural cues found within the theater and the integration of different typefaces: Helvetica and Adobe Garamond. The first served as the neutral sans serif and the latter presented as an old-style serif typeface that provided the right amount of fluidity and consistency.
  • Inspirational Cues
    The TEDx event would take place at The Michigan Theater, a historical landmark that dates back to the 20s. Since the venue had a rich visual language, it was our intention to reflect the theater’s ornate architectural embellishments through the graphic identity of the event.
  • Event Program and Name Tag
  • Paper Xs
    Over 1,000 of these paper Xs were constructed for promotional purposes before the conference. Due to the volume that would be constructed, the X’s were designed to be assembled easily by anyone. The paper design does not require any glue, and only requires 3 folds to complete. The design pattern also optimizes the source material by sharing cut lines, leaving minimal scraps post construction.
  • Collapsible Paper Lights
    Based on my collapsible pentagonal design, I created a series of lights that paid homage to Matt Shlian, an inspirational speaker from the preceding year. The tallest light stands 8 feet tall and collapses completely flat.
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