Sticks & Stones

  • Sticks & Stones
    oak, alabaster, steel
  • How is it that our ability to manifest an object from a natural resource can still leave us so separated from the value of its origin?

    It is easy to forget where our materials come from. Our ability to easily manipulate and refine natural resources can sometimes remove us from the life that our materials once had. This life is frequently lost in translation.

    A stone shows no trace of the amount of dynamite needed to remove the mass from the earth, but the patterns and veins remind us of the depths from which they came. A tree becomes flat, straight boards, and is composed into an object far from its origins. A clear board is appreciated for its natural beauty, yet many people will discard or cut away any piece with knots or “imperfections.”

    I believe that the true beauty of material lies in its imperfections. The knots in the wood or the cracking of a log remind us of the materials previous life. The veins, cracks, and rough edges of the stone remind us that even the most solid depths of the earth hold a certain amount of fragility.

    This is not to say that we should not refine our materials to make them work for us, but their integrity should be respected.