St. Paul's Baptist Church

  • St. Paul's Baptist Church¬†
  • St. Paul's Baptist Church in Suffolk, VA is the church of pastors, Bishop Clarence V. Russell III and Pastor Jaimi Russell. I was asked to create a calendar cover and banner reflective of their church's new year theme: "Kingdom Takeover". The church caters to a fairly young congregation of ages 28-40. The pastors are very much into the cutting edge in both technology and design. So, for this design, I wanted to deliver something that was young and fresh but still had some ground to it, catering to a broad age range. You'll notice the mixture of contemporary and traditional mix of fonts and font effects used. It was also very important for me to capture the excitement of both the new year and the church's theme which is the reason for the confetti overlays and bursts of color. You'll also noticed the paint-like blending of the pastor's picture into the rest of the design, as if they were overtaking the background. Overall, I think that this design came out fairly well and the clients were very well pleased. Please feel free to comment or appreciate!¬†