Spectacular spectacles

  • Spectacular spectacles

    The project was part of a workshop at HEAD (Haute École d'Art et Design, Geneva) presented during the annual cat-walk and it was aimed at transforming glasses into something beyond their function.
    Today, when we have seen the example of Elton John, Janis Joplin, Lady Gaga and numerous others, we can't see glasses as vision aids any more, they are an extension of our personalities, masks in our social lives. And why not have a pair of glasses in disguise that can be worn as necklace and only when wanted one can wear them as a mask . Inspired by Joplin's round pink glasses, they were created to express movement and what the motion of metal pieces produces is a soft sound wich brings us back to music.
    This is a short video of the event and all the projects exhibited:
  • Photo: Baptiste Coulon  © HEAD