Slanchogled London

  • Slanchogled LONDON      'Slanchogled' means Sunflower in Bulgarian
    arts&crafts shop                                   and also 'The one who`s looking into the Sun'

     For the last 3 years I had the great chance to work in Slanchogled shop in Sofia. The atmosphere of this shop is pretty unique and it is a pure pleasure to spend your time there. After more than 10 years of business in Bulgaria they decided to get international and the first shop outside our country opened doors in Camden Town -  London,  this summer. 
     I went there for couple of weeks to help with the preparations. Here you can see some of the work I've done in this short period - tags, labels, signs and everything that can be written on. 
  • the sign outside
  • the signs inside
  • the bench
  • the labels 
  • the mirror
  • the canvases
  • actually there is a lot more material to share, but I think there are too many photos already
    thanks for watching