Skin Clinic Brand

  • SKIN CLINIC look your best, feel your best, expect the best
  • Skin clinic is a high tech dermatology clinic in Kuwait that provides the latest machines, products and treatments available. The brand aims to present a revamped twist to the classic lines of medical identities, playing with the subtle concept of beauty and balance. 
    The simple stylish human shapes locate the target of the clinic to both male and female customers. The icon representation of the brand is built combining the elegance of two adrogynous human figures in creative way to design the elegance of the "S" initial, locating the target audience in a mixed male and female costumer base from young to elder, in a clean new aesthetic philosophy.
    Project Developed in association with Doors Production, Kuwait.
    Interior design - Interior Art Co Kuwait
  • Ana Types Type & Royal Studio,
    In association with Doors Production
    Photography by Doors Production
    Interior design by Interior Art Co Kuwait
    © Oporto, Kuwait 2012