Selected Logos-2010

  •              Client: Hip Hip atelier                
                 Info:  Hip Hip atelier is a contemporary art gallery based in Sofia, Bulgaria.                                                   
  •          Client: Volto Bolto
             Info: Volto Bolto is a online street wear store
  •         Client: ARK - Bulgaria               
            Info:  Entry for "At Home, Not Alone" logo contest.     
  •          Client: MC Nia Kircheva          
             Info: Nia Kircheva is a gynecology center based in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.       
  •          Client: Ortos-Dent Care  
             Info: Otrho-dental clinic based in Sliven, Bulgaria      
  •          Client: Curly Cat        
             Info: Event management  agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  •          Client: Self Initiative     
             Info: "H" is a part of experimental alphabet project i`m working on         
  •         Client: SIA ltd.  
            Info: Logo proposal for Poker Stars TV show - Bulgaria          
  •         Client: Push Pull                         
            Info: Push Pull is a film production and service company based in Sofia, Bulgaria.        
  •          Client: Orthos-Dent Care                
             Info: Otrho-dental clinic based in Sliven, Bulgaria / Additional proposal        
  •         Client: 5 OAC    
            Info: Contemporary open art space located in the in Sofia, Bulgaria. 
  •          Client: Orthos-Dent Care                      
             Info: Otrho-dental clinic based in Sliven, Bulgaria / Additional proposal     
  •         Client: Dinova & Rusev               
            Info: Dinova Rusev & Partners is a full service law firm based in Bulgaria, offering companies  and                       individuals a wide range of legal services / logo redesign proposal