Robot Store - 6th Anniversary

    Tote design to celebrate their 6th anniversary
  • Was asked to design a tote to celebrate Robotbutikkens (Robot Store) 6th anniversary. So I decided to design something around all the days they´ve been open, ca. 2129 days. In the beginning there is a ballon that says "2006" to represent the beginning and the opening of the store. Then there is 2129 lines to represent all the days they've been open. At the end there is a ballon that says "2012" to represent the 6th anniversary. Everything was hand drawn to give it a more personal look.
  • 6th anniversary tote
  • Logo with internet address
  • Ballon with the text "2006" to represent the beginning of the store...
  • …At the end a ballon with the text "2012" to represent the 6th anniversary
  • Sketches of the design