• Visual Design elements. Representative case
    following Spring: Icograda Design Week in Vilnius 9-13 May 2011
  • Project "Visual sesign elements" was contained: "Installation", "Representative case" and "Eco Notebook". Each Part was compiled under the same Theme: "Spring: Icograda design Week".
    Concept and graphic design by Laima LisauskienÄ—
    Structural design by Jurijus Romelis
    Photos: Rimantas Akutaitis
    The goal was to design a representative case, a recognisable icon.
    It had to be very symbolic, informative, special for Icograda: Design Week and to bring a special spirit to all events.
    Print technology: Silkprinting
    Corrugated cardboard: 702E
    Additional detail: black textile belt: 25 mm