Red Green Blue

  • Red Green Blue
    Part of slashTHREE's "Fairy Tales" exhibition
  • In an attempt to recreate the nostalgic memories of childhood, the Slashthree Collective selected ‘Fairy Tales’ as the theme of its eighteenth exhibition. The project invited our artistic core to recreate the magic they felt as children when they were whisked off to a land far, far away. Each piece of art in this exhibition is a unique, beautiful interpretation of fairy tales from both popular culture, as well as the contributing artist’s own culture, all of which have come together to create one of our finest exhibitions to date.

    My contributions are an abstract take on three fairy tales; Red Riding Hood, A Frog Princess and Cinderella. I tried to visualize the struggle each of them go through in their story.
  • Red Riding Hood

  • A Frog Princess
  • Cinderella
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