Recent School Work

  • Some stuff from the bowels of OCADU
  • The following three illustrations were from one class. They were done in class in less then 2 and a half hours. The criteria was very free, the professor would provide a very vague "tag line" and the students would have to produce something creative from it. This rule is only an exception for the third piece, in which the prof provided a picture that the students had to manipulate into an Illustration instead. 
  • Phrase given: "1% Monster" Pencil and digital coloring.
  • Phrase given: "Engine of Ruin" Ink and digital coloring.
  •  A strange image providedInk, photograph and digital coloring.
  • Other miscellaneous works:Modern pulp poster for the 1981 film "Escape from New York"Combination of hand rendered ink on top of acrylic paint and digital color editing.
  •  Book cover for "Lord of the Flies"Combination of hand rendered ink, acrylic painting, assembled in photoshop and digital coloring.
  •  Tea packaging for an Indian Ruby Chai flavor. The assignment had students create an illustration around a three paneled package (one square front panel and two rectangle side panels)Hand rendered in ink and digital coloring.
  • Book cover for "The Hunger Games Ink and white paint marker on cardboard.
  • Outtake from Graphic Novel series and Zine produced in classInk and digital coloring.
  • Toy design poster, using Illustrator only
    Vector shapes in Adobe Illustrator.
  •  Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2012 Poster Ink and digital coloring.