• Re:D
    Box to change your own reality
    (social design project)
    Beatrice Righi and Josefina Anglada
  • Re:D is a social project that encourages our society to get involved with poor people in order to help them change their own reality. Our purpose is to promote people´s self sufficiency, creating a network of social commitment among the people involved in the project.
  • “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. 
    Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”.

    (Chinese Proverb) 
  • The Identified target is “Poor people with rich initiative in shantytowns”. We deliver a Box that contains simple tools, instructions and materials for poor people to construct marketable object that can be sold in a Shop. In this way we are giving them the opportunity to earn a decent living and create their own job. As we all belong to one big society, we also need external support to carry out our project: First of all Supporters are donating Boxes through the website. After that, many Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Buenos Aires are helping to reach the right target of people in shantytowns. Finally, Shops are helping by selling the objects that were produced by Box Owners.
  • We don´t just Give Boxes! We are constantly learning and still seeking feedback from local experts who are in constant contact with the people in the Shantytown. We are providing a service which is based on two main objects: the Box that is designed for the Box Owners, and the Product they can build, which is the symbol of our Network and will be part of our society through its presence in the market. By giving a Box we help to break the Poverty Cycle!
  • Graphic Identity
  • The Product

    We want to design an Icon. A product that represents Re:D and expresses the values. A product that the people recognize and do not buy because of its function or quality but because of what it means.
  • Chocolate

    Poor people have serious daily worries. They live the day to day, worryed about taking food home. With this information and the objective of achiving a responsible and socially sincere project we included a bar of chcolate between the materials inside the box that represents the energy they need to change their own reality.
  • Manual

    We provide them a manual to build the product by them self. The content is simple, easy to understand and clear. There are just pictures because most of the people don't know how to read and in this way we facilitate them to archive the main goal.
  • Gagdets

    We want to design gadgets for "Common people" to promote Re:D but at the same time to create a stronger feeling of engagement.
  • Interface

    The Re:D interface is the media through wich common people are informed and can choose to be part of the project.  They register and log in to donate the boxes that will be delivered later. Through the log in menu, they can have access to the “Rout of boxes and products” of the donated boxes.  This is possible thanks to a simple database system as every box and product have a number.  Fashionable but familiar. Simple, clear and synthetic. We are aiming to communicate in an effective and transparent way. We want them to trust us and we need to encourage them to get engage!
  • Home Page Interface:

    We offer choices to the user: they can navigate through the different bottoms on the main menu and have access to all the information needed to understand the project so through that they would like to get engaged.
    They can visualize the invitation to join the network of engagement inside the big red circle: “Do you want to be part of Re:D?”.  We don’t want to force them, but provide the necessary information and options, to understand and learn how everything works in order to be transparent. Finally, the home page offers the option to Register. Common people should first register to be able to donate the boxes.
    Thanks for watching!