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  • //THE DELTA - a graphic novel, retelling Dante’s Inferno in an apocalyptic Southern Gothic setting.
    // Written by The Brothers Harrow. Art by Alex Charleux.
    //​ Today I can proudly announce the lauching of THE DELTA ! A new IP, a dark tale that will let you face the evil of a post apocalyptic retelling of Dante's Inferno. Written by the Brothers Harrow, and Art by me, follow us to not miss any update or sneak peek into our projet, and be the firsts to support the it's release ! 

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    // Based on a story by Tarkan Dospil of the same name. Twenty-five years after Hurricane Katrina, a self-righteous firefighter wakes out of a coma in search of his family. Now he must fight his way through the nightmarish Underworld of Post-Katrina New Orleans to investigate his family's disappearance, only to discover that the answer lies in the darkness of his past.
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