• RAINS is a new Scandinavian rainwear brand with a mission to create exclusive, fashionable and functional rainwear. Approaching production, the management realized that they needed a stronger identity to signify their values. The company already had a logo made with a simple bodoni font, but wanted a brush-up on it. Along with this brush-up they asked me to create a logo symbol. I created the RAINS symbol in shape of a lighthouse. The conclusion to create a lighthouse was after a thorough analysis of what people associate with RAINS' values and with rainwear in general. Many of the associatived thoughts were very maritime such as harbors and sailing. This fitted with the style of RAINS and of course the lighthouse. People also thought of stormy weather, rain and oceans which also has a direct association with lighthouses. The analysis showed that the lighthouse itself represents strength, safety and security. All values of the RAINS brand, making the choice of the lighthouse obvious. By creating a simple lighthouse as a symbol, RAINS now has a much richer storytelling and value surrounding their brand.