Precarious Balance

  • Precarious Balance
    Glassbook: 120mph 
  • The act of balance in life can be a precarious one. Looking at thrill seeking after combat, the need tobalance out the need of an adrenaline rush, brings out this idea that balance is necessary in order tokeep a one satisfied.

    Focusing on the shape of a bowl, which acts as a vessel, it represents the amount of adrenaline neededfor someone coming back from combat. Piled into a state of precarious balance, the bowls act as arepresentation of the pile up of activities and stress in a veterans life. Relying on each other for support,where they could fall at almost any instant, a dichotomy is created where balance and structure isneeded. If one bowl went missing, the whole structure would collapse. The single bowl of water on theother side of this structure acts as the “magic potion” to keep the other side balanced, using water,which represents life’s nutrients. However, the water in the bowl is never completely calm, as it alwaysvibrates from the footsteps of someone passing by, reflecting underlying chaos.

    Using repetition, my piece looks into the state of change. Moving from one side of the structure tothe other, a transitioning of the materiality of the bowls becomes evident. As the viewer looks fromthe singular, solid bowl, to conglomeration on the opposite edge, we are confronted with bowls ofa rougher materiality, representing both the change before and after going to combat, as well as atransgression of needs during that time period.