• The Possibilities of¬†Future Living
  • 'Prebeo' is an automated fridge-garden, which utilizes the potential of current developments in technology to envision the possibilities of the future of food sustainability and self-sufficiency.

    Based on the technology of growing plants on thin film, 'Prebeo' provides a space-saving concept for urbanized home-dwellers who desire the benefits of the freshest produce but have limited time and resources for gardening. 'Prebeo' provides the optimal conditions for growth for each type of produce that is being cultivated, hence allowing different varieties to thrive in an otherwise limiting natural climate. Replenishing itself in a cyclical manner, 'Prebeo' ensures that it is never lacking in supply at any time.

    'Prebeo' redefines how fresh produce can be grown, transported and consumed to meet the growing demands and problems of an ever-expanding world population.
  • Concept Video
  • Prebeo in the Kitchen.
  • Inserting the seed cartridges into Prebeo.
  • Prebeo provides the necessary conditions for the vegetables to be grown.
  • The only maintenance required is very alike to how we water our plants daily.
  • A soft blue light indicates when the vegetables are ready to be picked.
  • With Prebeo, fresh produce can now be gathered straight from your kitchen.
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