• Potential  -  A Short Film

    Potential is a short film I was involved in making, alongside a small group of friends. My main tasks were the film's matchmoving and some 3D visual effects, although due to the team's small size we all helped out on various tasks throughout the production, which for me included some website and logo design work.
  • The full 16 minute short can be watched on Youtube (above)
  • Matchmoving
  • As previously mentioned. my main task was the film's matchmoving, which required around 60 shots to be matchmoved (tracked, solved, basic reconstruction, etc.), most of them in stereo-3D. This video shows a bit of this work, as well as a snippet of the object removal I contributed to.
  • Website Design
  • In my spare time I decided to create a simple website for the film, coded by hand in CSS and HTML, with a little bit of pre-made (by someone else) Javascript used as well. This was the second website I'd ever built.

    The website can be viewed here
  • Logo Design
  • I also spent a little time on the task of designing an intro animation and simple logo for 'Plural' - the name the core group creating the film. The logo was created using simple 3D shapes in Blender.

    Based on the shapes used for the main 'P' logo (above) I also created some simple text reading 'PLURAL' to be placed below the logo.
  • The opening logo animation
  • Tickets
  • Amidst the rush to finish the film before the premiere date, we also had to do things such as create tickets to sell and make DVDs. While David took care of designing the DVD cover, the ticket design was left in my hands.

    Using Inkscape and GIMP I created two  ticket designs, one for each screening of the film. The difference between each set of tickets was a simple change in background image and tint, in order to make it easier for us to identify which screening people were there for.
  • Misc.
  • Robot concepts drawn using Alchemy.
  • Thanks for looking!