Piggie Oink

  • Piggie Oink
    Paper toy pig / Puerco de papel
  • ENG: This is a personal project made just for fun. Paper-toys catched my attention few months ago, so I decided to think something to express and get a character idea.
    This little pig started as a curious character (maybe cute), but when finished it was a little different.
    Piggie: a little pig, "dirty but adorable"

    ESP: Este proyecto fue realizado como un desahogo personal, destacando que el "paper-toy" ha sido un medio de expresión que me causó curiosidad al principio.
    La idea era dibujar un puerco curioso simplemente dejando salir su esencia para convertirse en un personaje de papel.
    Por cierto es un tanto sucio y a la vez adorable.

  • some kind of rough sketching...
  • Straight or natural?, the question ...
  • Doodling around with strokes... 
  • Color and dirt... piggie is getting alive
  • hmm stills plain...
  • ok plain its nice, lets make a 2d version...
  • This is the originality certificate
  • oh its so cute! (hungry?, I got a coin for you Piggie)
  • Now its done, Piggie is in the city!