Personal Branding & CV mailer

  • Personal Branding
    For my personal branding I wanted to incorporate my passion for design and typography. I have always found manipulating how people read very interesting and also my love for Asian design, specifically how the language can be read top to bottom, rather than left to right. With this in mind I have tried to accomplish this throughout my personal branding.
    This is my CV together with a look into into some of my work put together as an A3 folded poster, along with my business cards. I have carefully designed these taking every detail into consideration, especially how the user has to interact with each piece but maintaining legibility. This includes a business card and CV mailer.
    The CV mailer was printed by L&S and the Business cards by Jak - using GFSmith Colorplan plan on 540gsm with white hotfoil.
    I have kept the colours to black and white on the website to highlight the projects shown on this site. Also to give future promotional material the chance to change, and not tying myself to any specific colours.