• Emergence
  • From the maker’s perspective, nature offers tremendous inspiration in the way of reason, form, and proportion. Makers have the ability to give things life, and designing within the proportions of nature helps make that possible. Even in steel, an industrial material, I can create forms that are familiar to us on that naturalistic level.

    Emergence was born in the form of twelve sided shapes, with each module scaled according to the Fibonacci sequence. The family exists as a pentad, or group of five, a number commonly associated with regeneration and the golden mean. Surely their shapes and relationships to one another offer life-like qualities, but can also be attributed to the small openings on each face.

    These cuts in the surface offer the feeling that something could sustain life inside. There is the potential for the flow of energy in and out. While the material and shape may make them feel alien, the patina suggests that they could be artifacts.