• Nistekjærlighet
    Package Design
  • This was an assignment where we simply had to "make someone happy"! We started thinking what happiness really was to people. So we made up a lunch pack kit with wrapping paper with fun patterns, stickers with compliments, and papers with illustrations and compliments to divide breadslices. Giving the people you love a compliment or a nice gesture like a lunch from home both makes you and the recepiant happy. Also the name of the product fits in with the concept wich is based on the term "loving your next" or "loving your neighbour" or "show some charity to those you love". 
    The Norwegian term "nestekjærlighet" means "loving your neighbour", and the productname "nistekjærlighet" is close to "nestekjærlighet" except the the second letter "e" has been swapped out with an "i" and then the word gets a clever meaning in norwegian, it sounds like "lunchlove" but still sounding like "loving your neighbour/loving your next". There is one kit for children with colorful and fun illustrations and one with a bit more stylish black/white design for grownups, eventhough some people might enjoy both.