• PORTO magazine is made as a dedication to stamps as a design- and artform. Not many people know how much work the artist/designer puts into one tiny stamp. A lot of information has to be communicated through a tiny format, and one single stamp could be the result of months of work.
    The magazine PORTO contains interviews with some of the greatest Norwegian stamp-designers and engravers, as well as international ones. The stamps are scaled up so it is possible to really explore all the details of every stamp.
    PORTO Magasin was nominated for best Graphic design student work in Visuelt 2012. 
  • The headline of every article is a number scaled quite large. This is beacuse in a stamp the most important element in the hierarchy is the porto (the value of the stamp). So the headlines being large numbers is a reference to the important hierarchy in stamp design. 
  • Stephan Kanchev was a great bulgarian stamp designer (also icons and logos). 
  • All the spreads in the magazine that are covered with stamps are divided with a transparent paper. This is a reference to stamp-collecting books where the dividing paper is intedended to preserve the stamps.
  • Interview with the norwegian engraver Arild Yttri. I visited his studio to see how he works. 
  • I met up with Enzo Finger to learn about the history of norwegian stamp design.
  • Sverre Morken was kind enough to answer some questions about his long career in stamp-design and engraving.