• A lot of information has to be communicated through a tiny format, and one single stamp could be the result of months of work.

  • The headline of every article is a number scaled quite large. This is beacuse in a stamp the most important element in the hierarchy is the porto (the value of the stamp). So the headlines being large numbers is a reference to the important hierarchy in stamp design. 
  • Stephan Kanchev was a great bulgarian stamp designer (also icons and logos). 
  • All the spreads in the magazine that are covered with stamps are divided with a transparent paper. This is a reference to stamp-collecting books where the dividing paper is intedended to preserve the stamps.
  • Interview with the norwegian engraver Arild Yttri. I visited his studio to see how he works. 
  • I met up with Enzo Finger to learn about the history of norwegian stamp design.
  • Sverre Morken was kind enough to answer some questions about his long career in stamp-design and engraving.