Orbit | Washing Machine | Electrolux

  • Orbit
  • Orbit is a self-sufficiency and spherical washing machine.
    Imagine a new way to wash your clothes with no soap or water, in few minutes and with no noise...
  • Ideation | Innovative technologies brings innovative design. 
  • I did a deep research on the technology, into the smallest details to make a credible product.
    I cross the technology with functions and behaviors; the shape came naturally. 
  • Orbit
  • No cables. Just the product.
  • Orbit produce his own energy. The ring hide huge batteries. While working, the drum produce some energy which reload the batteries when Orbit is off; thanks to induction technology.
  • Float like a cloud. Turn like a butterfly. 
  • 1. Thanks to liquid nitrogen on a super-conductive, the drum levitate.
    2. Persistent electric current flows on the super-conductive act to exclude the magnetic flow produce by the magnet integrate inside the ring. This is magnetic levitation.
    3. The drum become an electromagnet which can be controlled automatically by electrical impulses.
  • Cryogenic Cleaning. Closed Circuit.
  • 1. Cryogenic cleaning involves a jet of solid CO2 being fired at supersonic velocity with pipes. This action will remove all contaminate from clothes leaving no effect on them. 
    2. The gaz CO2 is suck into the tube to be transform in solid CO2 again.
    3. Negative ions help freshen and purify the air and successively the clothes.