Nuclear Power For NZ

  • Many Needs, One Solution
    For my first final year design project I was tasked with a brief to design a campaign promoting nuclear power for New Zealand. We were to create two posters, two billboards, a informational booklet, a website and a direct mail device.
    My overall campaign is based around the idea that as a rapidly growing and developing country, New Zealand has many needs going into the future. These needs are not, and can not be met by the current methods. We are very passionate about retaining our green status, and making conscious decisions for the environment. I aim to communicate that not only does nuclear offer an incredible amount of energy, and the unlimited potential for New Zealands future, but it is just as environmentally friendly if not more so, than other green solutions.
    My campaign begins with the billboards and posters, working together to guide the audience and build interest in exactly what that "one solution" is.
    From there they will investigate onto the website and informational booklets where the solution will be revealed, after the misconceptions around nuclear power have been allayed without the audience even realizing it.