No Brainer (Design Industry Discrimination Campaign)

  • No Brainer
    Is there discrimination within the design industry?
  • Within this project I have branded a new campaign focussing on the design industry and whether or not employers and clients are discriminating when it comes to choosing a male over a female designer. This is a subtle campaign; not too "in your face" to cause an argument. I did not want the appeal of "just another feminist act", the message behind this is more about equality; however women allowed to have a voice and to become more noticed. Strong, reliable statistics suggest that there is a discrepancy when it comes to the employment of males over females within the design industry. 

    - Over 70% of design undergraduates are female
    - Only 40% of these make it to employment within the design industry
    - Only 3% of these progress there careers to roles such as a creative director

    The concept of this project focusses on the structure of the human brain. The brain is separated to two sectors, your left side focusses on structure and organisation, whereas your right side is where your creativity and inspiration comes from.  

    To all employers; a gender should be a transparent aspect when it comes to the employment of a designer. Look at the skills and quality of work. It a no brainer. 

  • My initial campaign logo design. The distinctive sexism implication is shown by an iron replacing the computer mouse. The name implicates that women do have other house duties but can also focus on their careers also. The speech marks emphasise women having a voice, but also simplify the "D" and "G" out of the campaign name. 
  • Using the found statistics along with photography of utensils that can be associated with designers. The pencils act as an info-graph to the percentages relating to the topic. 
  • My new logo follows the concept of the human brain; this is also a play-on-words on the concept of questioning the audience about discrimination. I have used this specific typeface as it is bold with impact, influenced by old protest banners. The composition replaces the to of the "i" and the "o" with a speech bubble to implicate designers having a voice. 
  • These two poster designs come together as one. The left side focuses on the male designer and the right side is about the female designer. The typography composed in the background of both posters describe the structure of a human brain, whereas the typography in the foreground describes each genders skills and attributes. The posters are branded with the campaign logo, along with the tagline of the main statistics I have focussed on.  
  • This design is a metre long concertina file. "Head to Head" is the folded given name where the female is VS the male designer. As the concertina is pulled open there is a quiz called "Pick Your Brains." Both tag lines are also a play on words to link both concepts together. The inside design is a brain evolution from various animals to human brains. The idea for this design is for the audience to tick which brain belongs to what; both end illustrations are completely identical, therefore it will give an indication to whether we are a discrimination society based on what option has been ticked. 
  • Photograph of concertina quiz Handouts
  • The three cards above are A6 postcards that underline the found statistics based on the creative industry. These highlight the key information that shows there is a large amount of males compared to females within the industry. These card designs have been headlined with the subtitle "Matter of Fact", another play-on-words linking brain-matter and the statistics. 
  • Campaign introduction follows on from the fact cards. 
  • Badges
  • Pantone Fan influence of the separation of the brain, the stock will be transparent so when the fan comes together a brain is formed along with the campaign logo. 
  • Pantone Fan inspired Direct-mail piece.
  • Brain Food: Two sweets in the shape of a brain to represent a male and a female designer brain. Tagged with a QR code to my behance profile. Handouts for my exhibition.
  • Exhibition Stand